Defined short & long term objectives


Imaginative & creative design


Professional guidance


Copies of drawings and plans


Co-ordinated approval process


Great communication throughout


Highly qualified honest advice


Transparent fee's, no hidden extras


Detailed requirement analysis

We work for Local Authorities, Home Improvement Agencies, Care Agencies, Housing Associations and Social Services. While much of our work comes from these sources, we are happy to work directly for many private clients who have a need to make alterations to their homes

  • Building Regulations Law (Regs)

All building work has to comply with the building regulations, which are part of the Building Act 1984 (Amended by the building regulations act 1991). These regulations stipulate the precise method of constructing a building in, at the moment, 13 different areas of construction. We can help and advise on all aspects of building regulations and planning permission issues.


  • Quantity Surveying & Estimating

With our team of experts we can handle all aspects of the required management solution including Preparing bills of quantities, Pre & post contract services, Schedule of materials, Competitive tender preparation, Budget estimates, Cost plans, Interim valuations, Final accounts and Sub contract account management.


  • Architects & Design Planning

We work with you and your team to understand your needs and budget to design a solution that works for you. If you don't have a project plan that details the type of development you would like to build, we will work with you to develop one. Your day to day schedules and activities, your budget and how you would like to the program grow, all of this is brought together to develop an amazing concept design.